Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty is performed for sagging abdominal skin due to weight gain and loss. By shifting the fat and skin tissue, the person is helped to have a young and vibrant abdominal area. The duration of the surgery varies depending on the patient's condition.

Abdominoplasty Surgery: Solution for a Straight and Aesthetic Appearance

Abdominoplasty is an effective plastic surgery procedure preferred by men and women who want to correct the sagging abdominal area and achieve an aesthetic appearance. It aims to correct abdominal sagging caused by pregnancy, weight changes or genetic factors.

How is the Surgery Performed?

In tummy tuck surgery performed under general anesthesia, the abdominal area is tightened by removing excess skin and fat tissue. The operation is usually planned by taking the lines around the navel into consideration.

Who Does It Apply To?

Any individual aged 18 and over can consider tummy tuck surgery, it is especially suitable for people who have undergone rapid weight changes and those who want to correct sagging abdominal areas after pregnancy.

Pre-Surgery Preparations

Before the surgery, overeating should be avoided, heavy sports should be abandoned and blood thinners should not be used.

Post-Surgery Recovery Process and Things to Know

Rest for a week is recommended during the healing process. Liquid nutrition should be taken into account and medications prescribed by the doctor should be used regularly.

Mini Tummy Tuck and Scarless Tummy Tuck Options

Mini tummy tuck is an aesthetic option that is completed in a short time and leaves fewer scars. Scarless tummy tuck (endoscopic tummy tuck) is a method that leaves fewer scars by entering through a hole made above the navel.

Pregnancy and Post-Surgery

It is not recommended to get pregnant immediately, but pregnancy is possible after the period determined by the doctor.

Risks and Pain Sensation

Although there is a risk of infection, pain is usually not felt. Mild pain may occur after the operation.

Scar Condition

Except for scarless tummy tuck, there is a possibility of scarring in normal tummy tuck surgery. However, these scars may lose their visibility over time.

Abdominoplasty offers an effective solution for a flat stomach and an aesthetic appearance, but it may not be suitable for everyone. It is important to create a personalized plan with advice from a qualified physician.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Abdominoplasty can be performed along with liposuction. Fat tissue is first removed and then the operation is completed with a stretching process.

You may have a tummy tuck surgery due to rapid weight gain or loss or stretch marks that occur during pregnancy. Postpartum stretch marks thus end with tummy tuck surgery. You can have a body that is more toned and free of stretch marks.

Someone with an abdominal hernia cannot get rid of this disease with a tummy tuck surgery. Both operations are different and their application method and purpose are different.

Seasons are not taken into consideration for tummy tuck surgery. Surgery can also be performed in the summer months. However, it is preferred more in winter as it requires rest and a lot of attention.

Since it is an aesthetic procedure, it carries high prices. There will be an increase in tummy tuck surgery prices in 2022 due to price hikes.