Post bariatric surgery method is applied after diabetes and obesity, which are metabolic diseases. With this method, people are prevented from being too skinny and experiencing physical impairment as a result of sagging. This method has become very popular recently as a method used by plastic surgeons.

Post Bariatric Surgery

Post bariatric surgery is preferred in cases of body sagging, deformities, and excessive weight loss. Thus, people are supported to feel better both physically and spiritually.

What is Post Bariatric Surgery?

The general name of the aesthetic procedure that can be applied to men and women with diabetes, overweight and obesity is called post bariatric surgery. After this surgical procedure, people are provided with relief.

It is the general name of many aesthetic procedures. Therefore, it has a wide coverage area. It includes aesthetic types such as breast lift, face and tummy tuck, liposuction on the arms, butt aesthetics and gynecomastia. Thanks to the post bariatric surgeon, it is possible to have all these procedures done.

How is Post Bariatric Surgery Done?

In post-bariatric surgery, the person is first asked for a detailed check-up. After the necessary results are obtained, the procedure to be performed on the patient is determined and the requirements of the procedure are fulfilled accordingly. For example, if a breast lift is to be performed, incisions are made and the nipples are pulled to an upper point and fixed.

In post bariatric surgery, after determining what the procedure is, importance is given to the method of application. If it is not done by a specialist doctor, it is inevitable that you will face undesirable consequences.

Who is Post Bariatric Surgery Applied to?

Post bariatric surgery is performed on people who have undergone bariatric weight loss surgery but lose more weight over time. The patient's condition is evaluated 4 to 6 months before this procedure. If the weight loss has stabilized or remained constant over this period of time, the procedure is needed. It is also important that there is no problem in the general health of the person for post-bariatric surgery.

Before Post Bariatric Surgery

For people who are overweight, their general weight status is monitored before post-bariatric surgery. If, after a certain period of time, the patient does not have the required body measurements or body image, preparations are started for the procedure to be performed. After general checks are performed, the procedure begins under anesthesia.

After Post Bariatric Surgery

When the patient is discharged after the procedure, post bariatric surgery checks continue. It is mandatory to have outpatient clinic check-ups at regular times. Thus, the patient's condition is reviewed more clearly. After the surgery, the patient is asked to pay attention to issues such as eating a balanced diet and not eating heavy foods.

Bodywide Application

The application of post bariatric surgery throughout the body is a procedure that will please people. The fact that the procedure can be performed on the area where the patient has a problem helps increase people's confidence in the surgical procedure. In addition, the patient is informed before the procedure how many sessions it will take to complete the procedure.

Effective Weight Loss

Post bariatric surgery, which is performed to lose weight effectively, is of great importance for patients who are in the obese group. It can be said that this period is even longer for people in the obese group. People who are slightly overweight are expected to lose weight in 3 to 4 months. However, for someone in the obese group, this period may be up to 1.5 years.

Post Bariatric Surgery Prices 2022

Many factors affect prices in post bariatric surgery. The condition of the patient, the width of the area to be applied, the duration of application, the number of procedures to be performed on the patient, and the quality of the hospital and doctor all affect the prices. Today, post bariatric surgery treatment varies according to these factors.