The field of dentistry that deals with the treatment of incompatible and crooked teeth is called orthodontics. Today, it is a highly developed field in diagnosing and treating teeth. In orthodontic treatments performed to prevent crooked teeth, a specialist physician should be examined and the correct methods should be chosen for the candidates.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontic treatments generally consist of several stages, and after a doctor's examination, the treatment method is decided by taking into account the age of the patient

How is Orthodontics Treated?

During the preparation phase for orthodentistry, the patient's mouth is checked, necessary hygiene is ensured and decayed teeth are intervened.

During the planning phase, measurements and analyzes are made and treatment options are decided. At the decision and initiation stage, braces are installed and orthodontic treatment begins.

Who is Orthodontics Suitable for?

There is no age limit for dental treatments. After examination by specialist physicians during the preparation phases, treatment can be started for the candidates using the correct methods.

Before Orthodontics

Checks to be made during the preparation phase, depending on the structure of the teeth and jaw condition, help to apply the correct treatment.

Things to Know After Orthodontics

In order to prevent damage to the appliances worn after dental treatments, teeth must be brushed regularly and oral hygiene must be maintained. While hard foods should be avoided as much as possible, it is important to attend dental appointments without interruption.

Fixed Orthodontic Devices

The appliances used in fixed dental treatments are devices that are glued or screwed onto the teeth and cannot be removed by the patient.

Wireless Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontic treatment, which is applied without using classical or porcelain wires, is the treatment performed using special transparent plates prepared with the help of 3D printers.

What are Orthodontic Treatment Methods?

Orthodontic treatment methods applied to eliminate deformities in the teeth are different methods such as metal, transparent, lingual braces, transparent plaque and dental plaque.

Orthodontic Treatment Prices 2022

Prices of treatments vary depending on the problems in people's mouth and teeth. In this context; Due to factors such as orthodontic treatment methods, the condition of the teeth, how many stages will be performed, and the physician's area of ​​expertise, you should be examined and get information about the process.

Why Should We Get Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatments are needed in cases such as a more aesthetic smile, elimination of structural problems in the teeth, or a more aesthetic state of the teeth.

When should we go to the orthodontist?

Dental treatment is not required at any time, and treatment can be provided at any age and in case of complaints about dental problems.

How Long Does Orthodontic Treatments Take?

There is a treatment method that varies from person to person, taking into account the dental problems and the resulting dental problems. A period of 6 to 24 months is required.

How often is it necessary to go for check-ups during treatment?

After the treatment, check-ups should be made without interruption, generally between 4-6 weeks, although more frequently in the first days.

Is There Pain or Pain During or After Orthodontic Treatment?

There is no pain or feeling of pain during dental treatments. Since there will be force applied when the wires are attached to the teeth, sensitivity may occur for a while.

What Should Be Done for Braces Care and Oral Cleaning?

Dental care and cleaning are very important in orthodontic treatments. Braces should be thoroughly brushed and checked after meals.

What Should Be Considered During Treatment?

Hard foods should be avoided as they will damage the teeth during and after the treatment. It is not recommended to eat foods such as hamburgers and sandwiches as they will get in between the brackets.

Is There an Age Limit for Orthodontic Treatment? Can Orthodontic Treatment Be Applied at Any Age?

For treatment, the patient should be examined and appropriate methods should be determined.

How and Why Do Orthodontic Problems Occur?

Factors such as the presence of skeletal disorders and incompatibilities in the jaw structure and teeth may be present from birth. There is no age limit for orthodontic treatments applied to straighten teeth.