Chin filling applications, which help the chin become compatible with the face, provide many different advantages to people. It is generally possible to achieve the desired chin structure within 15-20 minutes as a temporary chin filling application. Chin filling applications, which help the jaw structure to appear stronger and symmetrical, are among the frequently preferred aesthetic procedures today.

Why is Chin Filling Applied?

Chin filling procedures, which make the appearance of the jaw line more aesthetic, are the filling applications performed to eliminate deformities in the chin and gain an aesthetic appearance.

Why Do We Need Chin Fillers?

Chin filling is an aesthetic procedure applied in cases such as eliminating sagging and fluctuations in the chin, making the chin more prominent and harmonizing with the face, and lengthening the tip of the chin.

What are the advantages of Chin Fillers?

Generally, the advantages of chin filling include that it is applied without anesthesia and does not require surgery, it is painless and completed in a short time, it is a procedure that does not cause complications and does not require hospitalization, and its effects are seen immediately.

What Aesthetic Problems Are Treated with Chin Fillers?

Situations such as a pointed or flat chin, dimples at the tip of the chin, sagging on the chin, and a wide or receding chin tip can be eliminated with filling procedures, for which a single session is sufficient and the effects can be seen immediately.

How Permanent Is Chin Filling?

Hyaluronic acid injection is used in filling procedures, as in all aesthetic applications. Depending on the quality of the filling material and the physician performing the procedure, it has a permanence of 1-2 years.

Can Chin Fillers Be Removed?

It is possible for filling procedures to be withdrawn upon request. Chin filler, which can remain for a period of one or two years under normal conditions, can be dissolved and removed from the body upon the request of the person.

How Long Does Chin Filling Application Take?

The correction of the deformity in the chin is completed within 15-20 minutes at most, including the application of local cream.

What Should Be Considered After Chin Filling?

After filling applications to the entire jaw line, you can immediately return to daily life.

After procedures that do not require bandages, it is important to avoid rubbing for a few days and not to skip doctor's check-ups.

What are the Deformities Observed in the Jaw Region?

Jawline problems may occur congenitally or later. Deformities such as dimples on the chin, a pointed or flat chin tip, and a chin position backwards are common problems.

Additionally, chin filling applications are among the aesthetic procedures preferred to eliminate these problems.

Does the Chin Filling Cause Any Problems in the Jaw After It Melts?

Fillers applied to the tip of the chin dissolve after 1-2 years and the chin regains its former shape. It is a filling process that does not cause any harm and can be repeated upon the person's request after melting.

Is Chin Filling Painful and How Long Does the Procedure Take?

Since local numbness is achieved during filling procedures, there is no pain or sensation of pain. The process is completed after a comfortable 15-20 minutes.

Can a Young Face Be Obtained with Jawline Filling?

After Jawline filler applications, which help eliminate the problems in the jaw line, it is possible to achieve a younger and livelier face while gaining a new appearance.

How Many CC Fillers Should Be Used for Chin Fillers?

How much filling material should be used in filling application should be determined accurately according to the deformities in the people's chins.

Those Who Had Chin Fillers

After Jawline filling procedures, one of the aesthetic applications, people experience the joy of having a younger and more vibrant face.

Chin Fillers Prices 2022

While aesthetic procedure prices vary depending on many factors, it is beneficial to be examined and consult with doctors regarding chin filler prices.