Estetik Kaygı ve ya sağlık sorunları sebebi ile bacak boyunu uzatmak isteyen kişilere uygulanan cerrahi yönteme boy uzatma ameliyatı adı verilmektedir. Boy uzatma ameliyatındaki temel olgu kişilerin yeni kemik oluşturabilme kapasitelerinin genişletilmesidir. 

Bu cerrahi operasyon sırasında uzatılması istenen uzuvdaki kemik kesilerek iki kısma ayrılmış olan uçların arasındaki boşluğu genişletmek esas alınır. Bu sayede ise açılmış olan alanda yeni kemik üretiminin gerçekleştirilmesi sağlanır. 

Büyüme plaklarının kapanmış olduğu yani büyümenin durduğu bireylerde kimi zaman tedavi kimi zaman estetik amaçlı gerçekleştirilen cerrahi operasyon boy uzatma ameliyatı olarak adlandırılmakta ve genellikle bacaklar için kullanılmaktadır.  
Fakat kişilerde estetik kaygı kollarda ise ve kollar olması gerekenden kısa ise kollar içinde uygulanan bir cerrahi yöntemdir. Boy uzatma ameliyatı yalnızca kemikler üzerine yapılan bir işlemdir. Boy uzamasının istendiği miktara göre farklı teknikler uygulanmaktadır.

How is Height Enlargement Surgery Performed?

Height enlargement surgery, which is preferred for people who want to increase their height, is a set of surgical methods that can be applied outside the bone as well as inside the bone. This method, which is basically done to prepare the ground for the patient's new bone formation, fixes the operated limb with an external mechanism using nails or wires placed inside the bones.

In this way, with the externally fixed device, the bones are opened by a maximum of 1 mm every day. Although it is a maximum of 1 mm per day, this is usually achieved in 4 stages. In this way, a maximum of a quarter mm of clearance is provided at each time.

This surgery is performed by orthopedic specialists. Although lengthening surgery is performed under general anesthesia, epidural anesthesia method may also be preferred according to the wishes of adult patients.

Who can undergo height enlargement surgery?

Many people suffering from neck problems turn to height enlargement surgery methods. The surgery is preferred for people who complain about their height, have hormonal disorders, or cannot grow taller due to some health problems. Although this situation is up to the individual's will, it can generally be more suitable for individuals over the age of 20. Because the development process can continue until this age.

Why is Height Enlargement Surgery Performed?

Some people encounter problems such as short stature, which are thought to be of genetic origin, either due to hormonal disorders or due to some diseases suffered during childhood. There may be a number of factors that cause short stature. These factors are;

• Nutritional disorders,

• Some kidney diseases experienced during childhood,

• Childhood diseases that negatively affect growth,

• Experiencing hormonal disorders,

• These are some genetic disorders that have an effect on bones.

In general, height enlargement surgery is preferred in cases of dwarfism. Although it is preferred for dwarfism, it is also a height increase method used for short stature due to other diseases. Surgery can be performed on any individual whose growth cartilages have closed. However, if people want to have this procedure done for cosmetic purposes, they may be subjected to some psychological tests.

What are the Height Enlargement Surgery Methods?

 Height enlargement surgeries, which are preferred in cases where people complain about their height, are performed with different methods. There are three types of lengthening surgery. These;

• Motorized nail method called Internal Fixation,

• Ilizarov technique called External Fixation,

• It is carried out by the combined method.

 Previously, the most preferred lengthening surgery method was external fixation, that is, the Ilizarov technique, but with the advancement of technology and science, interphase fixation began to be used more. While in external fixation, the limb to be lengthened is managed with an external machine, in the method called internal fixation, it has become possible to place the device through a small incision and control it with an external command. In the combined technique, both methods are used.

How Long is the Height Enlargement Surgery Recovery Time?

The most curious element in lengthening surgery is the recovery process. Since lengthening surgery is a personalized surgical procedure, the recovery process may vary from person to person. Due to new bone formation in people, the healing process may be longer for adults in the second stage, called the consolidation process. The recovery rate in children is generally twice as fast as in adults.

How Long Does Height Enlargement Surgery Take?

Surgical procedures performed for height enlargement generally take about 2 hours. However, lengthening surgery can take around 3 hours in some cases. In order to minimize the risk of any complications, the patient is hospitalized for approximately 2 days.

If no problems occur, the patient is discharged as a result of this process. The duration of complete recovery after this varies depending on the surgical methods used and the patient's condition. Here, how many cm the patient's height will be increased is also a big factor.

How Many Cms Does Height Enlargement Surgery Increase?

Many people wonder how many cm taller they will grow after lengthening surgery. After lengthening surgery, it is possible to increase height by approximately 7 to 10 cm. However, this may vary depending on the problem. Additionally, in some cases, it is possible to grow up to 15 cm as a result of this surgery. However, in order to grow taller than 10 cm, some operations are required on both the shin and femur. This operation is planned completely individually and the results vary depending on the methods applied.

There may be some risks during and after lengthening surgeries. After people decide on the lengthening surgery procedure, doctors need to provide detailed information about this situation. There are different risks in Height Extension surgeries, including infection risks, material risks and post-operative risks.

Risks of Infections are one of the possibilities that may occur in every Height Enlargement surgery. Because soft tissue or bone infection may develop. For this situation, the use of antibiotics after surgery is very important.

Material infection may cause some problems such as loosening or breaking of the machine attached to the leg due to some reasons. Depending on this situation, some problems may arise. Post-operative infections, severe pain in the limb or ballerina syndrome may occur.

Height Increase Surgery Prices 2022

Surgical interventions are used to increase height in many parts of Türkiye and the world. The most determining factor in lengthening surgery prices is the doctor who will perform the procedure. Because not every doctor may use the same method. In addition, the experience and experience of doctors and the success rate also affect the prices to a great extent.

Apart from this, it also varies depending on the institution where the surgery is performed. Height enlargement surgeries can also be performed by some public hospitals. However, these may also have certain conditions. In private hospitals, height enlargement surgery prices vary completely.